Fated – Episode (1)

Bassey wasn’t about to let his brother take on any major decision as regards the planning of his bachelor’s eve.

Aniefiok was useless at planning anything. From their time together in Akansas, he’d learned not to trust Ani with party planning. When their older sister had her first baby, Ani had been put in charge of planning the party. It was supposed to be a small, classy affair but Ani’s idea of small and classy had involved a DJ who played strictly ghetto music and several ‘friends’ who turned out to be strippers. Ani could not plan a party without bringing in loud, lewd music and strippers. Bassey didn’t want all that buffoonery around him. Since relocating to Nigeria, he’d vowed to give up the nonchalant, handsome player lifestyle. He was now running the family business and had to act responsible. He had high and mighty friends with parents at the seats of power. His would-be bride was the Minister Of Education’s daughter. He had a reputation to uphold and Ani was not going to mess it up for him.

The party planner’s arrival was a relief. He didn’t think he could have waited another five minutes. He’d paid for his drinks and was about to get up when he noticed her walking towards him with an apologetic smile. But she wasn’t the one that caught his eye. Bibi, the party planner offered profuse apologies and proceeded to the matter on hand without introducing her companion. Bassey had given Bibi’s companion a quick once-over and decided that there was something about HER that he liked. He listened to Bibi as she ran through her final plans for his bachelor’s eve but occasionally, his eyes strayed to the quiet companion who seemed bored but was politely trying to hide it. The companion’s phone rang constantly but she didn’t pick it. Eventually, she sighed, muttered a word of excuse and walked away to take the call. She didn’t return till his meeting with Bibi ended. He smiled at Bibi’s perfect plan, wrote her an advance cheque and told her not to disappoint since she came highly recommended. After a few idle exchanges, Bassey and Bibi bade their goodbyes and left the restaurant. By the car park, he spotted Bibi’s companion, talking animatedly on the phone. As he walked to his car, he stared at her. As if sensing that she was being watched, she turned and caught his eyes. She didn’t avert her gaze and neither did he. She kept talking but stared at him. He stared at her till he entered the backseat of his car. As his driver drove away, something inside him told him he was going to see her again.

Carol, his fiancée, was busy talking to her best-friend on the phone. Their wedding was close and there was still a lot to be done. Bassey had dropped in to see her after his meeting with Bibi. Seeing as her parents weren’t home, it gave him the opportunity to grope her breasts possessively and kiss her at the back of her neck. She giggled and tried to squirm free from him, not breaking her conversation. He couldn’t understand it but after leaving the restaurant, he found he was horny.

Pulling Carol back so her butt rested on his bulge, he ground up on her from behind, letting her feel his growing desire for her. With a sigh, she ended the call and turned to kiss him fiercely, reaching down to grab his dick possessively. Bassey loved how sexual she was. One of the reasons he was marrying her was that her sexual appetite matched his. Since meeting Carol, he’d only ever slept with two women and they’d basically thrown themselves at him. Carol was sexy, confident, intelligent and beautiful. When they made love, it was always, always explosive and Bassey loved it.

She broke the kiss, grabbed his hand and dragged him towards her father’s study. Locking the door behind them, she yanked up her dress. She wasn’t wearing panties so it was easy for her to spread her legs apart, bend over the desk and expose her spotless butt and smoothly shaved pussy. Bassey wasted no time. He unzipped his trousers, unfastened his belt, grabbed her waist and dug his dick into her with urgency. Her moan was feral as he began to ram into her fiercely, enjoying the sound of their bodies as they slapped together and her increasingly louder moans. He heard footsteps at the corridor and rammed her faster and harder, making sure he pressed in deep enough to make her scream. The footstep outside slowed down as it approached the door. It made him even more daring. He rammed her again and again… Going in deeper and loving the sound of her screams. Whoever was at the corridor remained silent. Bassey suspected that he or she would have stopped to listen and then slowly retraced their steps. The thought gave him some kind of orgasmic glee and made him fuck her harder and harder till he felt his cum build, rush to fore and shot inside her. With his heart beating fast, he made sure the last of his seed was deposited deep inside her vagina before withdrawing with a smile. They both headed for the small adjoining toilet in the study to clean up. After they were done, they walked out of the study together, acting like nothing outside the ordinary had happened.

He had lunch at Carol’s place, stayed for a while to discuss the wedding plan progress and left at about 6p.m. As the driver drove him towards Parkview Estate, Bassey instructed him to make a quick stop at his dry cleaners just before entering the estate. The driver parked the car and was about to get down to go get Bassey’s clothes but he was told to relax. Instead, Bassey got out of the car and made his way into the dry cleaners place. On entering, the receptionist recognized him and smiled in welcome. Eagerly, the pretty young girl hurried out from behind her desk to help Bassey get his clothes while he sat on a small reception chair to wait. Then he saw HER… Bibi’s companion from earlier. She was holding some male suits that had been dry-cleaned. As she made her way towards the receptionist’s desk, she saw him. She stopped temporarily in shock but snapped out of it almost immediately. Feeling awkward, she threw him a shy smile, muttered a silent “good evening” and stood by the receptionist’s desk to wait. Bassey smiled back at her and pretended to scroll through his phone. He watched her surreptitiously from beneath his lashes, taking in her figure, round backside and straight legs. He turned back to his phone when the receptionist returned with his clothes. Bibi’s companion paid for her dry cleaning and left the place. Bassey did the same and hurried out, hoping to catch the young lady before she disappeared. Outside the dry cleaners, he saw her dropping the suits at the back of a Toyota Camry. He paused briefly to gather his thoughts then walked towards her with purpose.

“Hi…” He said with a friendly smile

She turned around, saw him and smiled again. “Hi…”

“My name is Bassey…” He continued but she cut him off.

“I know who you are Mr. Archibong… “

“Ok… But I’d like to know who you are…” His smile was pleasant and charming.

“My name is Anna…” She said with a chuckle.

Bassey stretched out his hand and Anna took it. They shook hands like business partners that have just concluded a successful transaction. Bassey felt the sudden need to start up a conversation but didn’t really know what to say. So he looked at the back of her car and saw the suits lying there.

“Suits belong to the boyfriend?” He asked the question in a breezy tone.

“Actually, it belongs to my fiancé. I’m getting married in 3weeks” she said with a broad smile.

“For real? Congratulations. I’m also getting married in three weeks!” He said.

“Wow!!! That’s so cool though. I owe you a gift.” She told him jokingly.

“I owe you a gift and dinner… That’s if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind… At all. Why would any right thinking girl pass up dinner with a Lagos Big Boy? I will come and eat free food o.” Her laughter told him she was joking.

“Deal! Give me your number and I will call you to confirm when you would love your free food.”

Anna laughed and called out her phone number. He punched it on his phone and dialled her for confirmation. He promised to call her soon and they both parted ways. As Anna drove home, her thoughts were filled with Bassey. Seeing him at the restaurant with Bibi had been a bit of a shock. He looked even better in real life than in the many junk magazines. He was one of those society big boys that she admired so much. He only ever attended classy events, there was no rumor of him associating with a lot of these society whores and his reputation was as yet untarnished by social gossip. She didn’t know why but she felt thrilled that he wanted to know her and hoped he wasn’t being nice to her because he felt she was friends with Bibi. Anna pulled up in front of the building that housed the home she shared with Femi, her fiancé. She got out, got Femi’s dry cleaned suits and made her way into the house, pushing all thoughts of Bassey to the back of her mind.

As Bassey ate his dinner, his thoughts breezed through the events of the day and paused as it zeroed in on Anna. She intrigued him in a way he couldn’t understand and that made him want to know more about her. He didn’t think he was sexually drawn to her but there was something about her that piqued his interest. As he ate, he relieved their moment together outside the dry cleaners and the thought made him smile. She had a mischievous glint in her eyes and she looked like a fun person. Bassey finished his meal, dropped the tray on a side-stool and decided that he wanted Anna as a friend. He got out his phone and sent her a text message…

“Hi… It’s Bassey. Just finished dinner and somehow you crossed my mind. Maybe it’s because food was involved. Heheheee. Anyways, it was nice meeting you. Thought to send you this SMS so you won’t think I collected your number in vain. Good night and regards to your fiancé.”

Anna received the SMS and read it with a smile. Every instinct she possessed told her to reply immediately but her present situation didn’t allow her that freedom. She was naked in bed and eagerly awaiting Femi. Tonight was sex-night for them and she suddenly couldn’t wait. An hour earlier, she’d thought of cooking up an excuse to avoid coitus but knew Femi wouldn’t take no for an answer. So with a resigned sigh, she showered and lay on the bed, idly stroking her clit to get her in the mood. Femi was in the shower, trying to freshen up when she heard the SMS tone of her phone. Somehow, that simple, playful text message succeeded in turning her on. As Femi emerged from the bathroom naked, he saw her rubbing her clit furiously, her eyes narrowed to slits. His dick nodded in response as it rose to the occasion. Joining her in bed, he kissed and touched her, relishing the soft moans that accompanied her self love. He parted her thighs, positioned himself and thrust into her with a hunger that he could barely mask.

Anna closed her eyes and replaced Femi’s image with Bassey’s.

***To be Continued***

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