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A music tour by some Imo State based artistes tagged ‘Tour De Magnific’ is billed to kick off at Heartland Hotels Aba, Abia State.

According to the organizers, the tour which is planned to take the artistes involved around major spots in the 27 local governments of Imo State and beyond is kicking off in Aba because they had issues with the initial kick off venue.
“Everyone would expect us to kick off in one of the numerous spots in Imo State, but we are doing it in Aba because Heartland Hotels accepted our terms and are ready to host us first.
We are trying to change the system here, because in most cases, people in the rural areas come to the city to get a feel of contemporary music; this time, we want to take the mountains to Mohamed. The music will go to them.
We have talented and success hungry artistes in our ranks and these are artistes can put up nothing less than quality performances. They are good and are known in the state and beyond but this tour will sell them deeper to the rural areas and if they can conquer Imo State, it is a good thing for them”
Tour De Magnific has Virgin crooners, Ryders; Money Making, Kozy G and his sister, Floxy; G-Tims, Mr 2Tall, Amarula and Climax.
Others artistes on the team are Aba based Imo State born rapper, BabyBoy, ChrisZee, Fruitz, Lambasixx, Prince Cool and Dance for me crooner, Princessa with the tour’s official DJs as Dj Flexion and Dj Fastwind.
Chijioke Oriaku aka Noc D who was speaking for Tour De Magnific, said the tour still has other plans which cannot be made public until they materialize, stating that they will welcome any restaurant, bar or hotel who are ready to meet up with their hosting plans irrespective of the location in Imo State or beyond.
He said: “We want to go everywhere, we want to touch every spot as long as they are ready to host us and can draw the kind of crowd we need for the event.
We want to increase the fan base of our artistes and we want to start doing that with the people around us.
So far, we have some venues down for us and still want more; we will still be working on getting more until we see ourselves around the 27 local governments of Imo State and others spots beyond the boundaries of the state”
Heartland Hotels is at number 1/3 Omenma Avenue, Opposite Timber Market Enugu/Port Harcourt Road Aba, Abia State and the event will be starting by 5:00pm with free entrance.
Event places [Bars, Restaurants and Hotels] with interest of hosting the event can call 08038704454 or email for more information.

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