CubEthics [The Mixtape Album] – MonLee | @MonLee_PAWS

The long awaited CubEthics Mixtape is the debut Mixtape by MonLee,

a Nigerian producer/artist who hails from Adamawa State. The 15 track hiphop combo expresses and addresses life, growth, and other religious and non-religious concerns.

MonLee is the producer of Throw Salute which was released in May of 2013, and Forever ft. ICE which was released this July.
CubEthics The Mixtape features a variety of artists, rappers and singers namely: VonTrap, Eazy of the recently released “Heaven Please”, Mchivir, DY of “Heart’s Tale”, Jason Abaga, ICE, G-Eleos, among others, with the joint effort of mainstream producers namely SizZLePRO and VondBeats. In MonLee’s words, “music is its own ethic and is not ethically generic, therefore, CubEthics Mixtape is neither gospel nor secular. It is music.”
Enjoy the hip hop tunes on CubEthics The Mixtape and expect more from MonLee soon!

Mixtape Tracks:

01 – Skit [Son Of A Lion]  – DOWNLOAD

02 – Childish [ft. VonTrap, Mchivir] – DOWNLOAD

03 – Temptation [ft. Eazy] – DOWNLOAD

04 – I’m Leaving You Mr. Xin – DOWNLOAD

05 – Forever [ft. ICE] – DOWNLOAD

06 – Growth [ft. RetroStar’s BMJ] –  DOWNLOAD

07 – Immortality [ft. DY, Jason] – DOWNLOAD

08 – Moon Seamus – DOWNLOAD

09 – New World Order – DOWNLOAD

10 – Skit [Lion That I Am; ft. Cyra] – DOWNLOAD

11 – CubEthics [ft. BigLu] – DOWNLOAD

12 – Roar [ft. I Kan, G-Eleos] – DOWNLOAD

13 – Evidence – DOWNLOAD

14 – Sound Of Art – DOWNLOAD

15 – Throw Salute – DOWNLOAD

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